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The University of Chicago has a #1 ranked BAMF! Senior Ben Sarasin comes in as the overall top wrestler at 174lbs in Division III. He is undefeated on the season, has the highest RPI, and the most Quality Win points of anyone in the field. Statistically speaking, he has begun to separate from the field.

Michael Ross (Johnson & Wales) has made the most of his first season in a Wildcat singlet. He has racked up an immense amount of bonus points to compliment his 100% win percentage.

Three other wrestlers are also undefeated with BAMF #4 Cornell Beachem (Mount St. Joseph’s), BAMF #5 Zane Mulder (Wartburg), and BAMF #20 Jaden Datz (Washington & Jefferson). Datz has a considerable lower RPI than the top tier, hence his lower ranking.

Across the board, 174lbs appears to be a pretty even field. After Sarasin and Ross, the spread difference of quality win points between #3 Solomon Nielsen (Augsburg) and #20 Datz is just 6 points. The field’s RPI’s and win percentages are all comparable too. This could be a weight class that sees some significant shuffling over the remainder of the season.

Other interesting things to note at this weight, two Coe College wrestlers are on the list with first-year LJ Richardson outpacing the seasoned veteran Tristin Westphal. The list also sees three consecutive first-years – Richardson, Daniel Devera (John Carroll), and Draygen Colonese (Merchant Marine).

The only wrestler on the NWCA’s Top 15 to not appear in our BAMF Rankings is Dominick Esposito (Merchant Marine), who lost to his teammate Colonese who is in our rankings. The NWCA Committee appears to align with what the data says for the most part with the two lone deviations inside the Top 6 of each being Beachem was lower in ours (RPI-driven) and Ross being higher in ours.

What questions do you have on the BAMF Rankings at 174lbs? Something doesn’t add up? Someone out that should be in? Let us know on Instagram (@d3wrestling) or shoot us an email at

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